About Cliodhna

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Cliodhna Doherty, a visionary artist whose exquisite creations beckon you into a world where opulence and purity gracefully intertwine. With her unparalleled mastery of figurative art and consummate expertise in mixed media, oil pastels, acrylic painting, and digital masterpieces, Cliodhna meticulously crafts captivating works that transcend the ordinary, evoking emotions of the highest echelon.

Hailing from the culturally rich tapestry of Ireland, Cliodhna draws inspiration from her heritage, infusing her contemporary art with a dash of Irish enchantment. Her oeuvre exudes an ethereal charm, transporting observers to a dimension where reverie becomes reality and the boundaries of possibility dissolve. Each stroke of her brush and each delicate pastel touch unveils a unique narrative, beckoning you to embark on a voyage into the profound realms of the imagination.

Cliodhna's artistic journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Her portfolio boasts a resplendent array of exhibitions hosted in prestigious venues such as The Quays Shopping Center's Local Artist Exhibition and New York's illustrious EVAC Gallery, where her Immersive Art Experience enthralled audiences. Her Intimacy Solo Exhibition and Resistance La Renaissance showcase her profound ability to create art that resonates directly with the soul, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the privilege of beholding it.

Acknowledged for her monumental contributions to the art world, Cliodhna has garnered a plethora of accolades. She was chosen as a Dance Associate for the Open Space Funded Project and received support from the Arts Council N.I through the Creative Individual Recovery Program, attesting to her unwavering dedication to her craft. Her remarkable achievements culminated in the prestigious title of "Woman of the Year in Art & Design" from Mighty Women NI, underscoring her unmistakable talent and unwavering commitment to her artistic vision.

Cliodhna's artistic prowess has graced the pages of eminent publications, proving her ability to captivate audiences through various mediums. Her creations have been featured in distinguished magazines such as Stellar Magazine, The Gloss Mag, Utopia Magazine, and more. Through her artistry, she seamlessly weaves tales that encapsulate the very essence of luxury, leaving an enduring imprint on those fortunate enough to encounter her work.

In addition to her exhibition and publication feats, Cliodhna has entered into collaborations with esteemed establishments, crafting bespoke artworks that infuse spaces with an air of elegance. Commercial paintings for entities like Aoife Ireland, Monica Tolan Beauty, and Clio Skin & Beauty attest to Cliodhna's capacity to infuse a touch of enchantment into everyday life. Her art has also found its place of honor in establishments like the opulent Fat Fox Cafe and the serene Haven Holistic, where her whimsical creations inspire tranquility and elation.

A passionate advocate for artistic expression, Cliodhna pursued a Bachelor's degree in Animation & Design from Belfast Art College, refining her skills and nurturing her artistic voice. Her ongoing education at the Interior Design Institute propels her into new realms of creative exploration, opening gateways to innovative forms of artistic expression.

Step into the enchanting world of Cliodhna Doherty, where luxury and innocence merge harmoniously. Through her delicate artwork, she cordially invites you to embrace the whimsical, explore the frontiers of the imagination, and bask in the transformative power of art. Discover the enchantment of contemporary Irish art as Cliodhna's creations transport you to a realm where dreams coalesce with reality, and beauty knows no bounds.