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**Welcome to a Transformative Art Experience at Cliodhna's Studio!**

Navigating life's peaks and valleys can take a toll on our bodies, reflecting back in unexpected ways. This session isn't a cure but a collaborative celebration of empowerment, providing a safe space free of judgment. Whether you seek self-celebration or wish to adorn your walls, leaving with a physical reminder of self-love, you'll carry the powerful energy of that day in Brooklyn.

**Pricing Structure for Model Collaboration Sessions:**
Due to recent construction and studio expansion, prices have been adjusted.

- **Model Collab Session Cost:** €500
- Two 22 x 30 inch paintings or one 30 x 44 inch medium painting of a Print or Life Drawing on paper.
- Option to split the session with a friend.
- 10% off if you model for your piece.
- 40% discount on an additional painting.

**Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):**
- **Q: Can I have only one 22 x 30 inch painting?**
- A: Session fee is a minimum of €500. Consider splitting the session with a friend.

- **Q: What's the difference between life drawing and printing?**
- A: Refer to the description below for detailed information.

- **Q: How many times can I print if I get it wrong on the first attempt?**
- A: After the 3rd attempt, the price increases $100 on the 4th attempt.

- **Q: Do you include frames?**
- A: No, but recommendations for local and online framing options are available.

- **Q: Can I print couples?**
- A: No, but Life Drawings of couples are possible.

**Booking a Session:**
When booking, a non-refundable €150 fee is required, contributing to the painting cost. Custom sizing requires a minimum 2-week notice. For those not modeling, commission inquiries are welcome via email at [Cliodhna's Email].

**Modeling for Your Own Piece:**
- Sign a model release form.
- Full payment at the end of the session.
- All necessary amenities provided.
- Bring a friend for a vibrant, art-filled experience!

**For Commissioning without Modeling:**
Inquire via email for commission details, with a 50% deposit required upfront. Custom sizing and revisions are available.

Embrace the transformative journey of art at Cliodhna's studio – where every brushstroke is a celebration of strength, beauty, and self-love.

Lets Create together

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