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Our Philosophy

At Cliodhna by Cliodhna, our brand philosophy is deeply rooted in empowering femininity and redefining how we perceive landscapes. We are an innovative fusion of digital painting, acrylic painting, and oil pastels, creating a unique and captivating style of artwork. Our methods range from traditional acrylic painting on canvas to oil pastel on paper, and even incorporating digital paintings printed on organic canvas – all with a commitment to sustainability and cruelty-free practices.

Our Promise

Redefining Irish Landscapes

As an Irish artist, Cliodhna Doherty seeks to challenge the traditional representation of "Irish landscapes." While our island's beauty has been celebrated through stunning landscapes, we believe it is equally essential to acknowledge the women who play a significant role in shaping and preserving this beauty. Through our artwork, we aim to highlight the resilience and importance of women in our society, reminding the world that they are the backbone of our island.

Empowerment and Inspiration

At the core of our brand philosophy lies the desire to empower women worldwide. We encourage every individual to follow their dreams, listen to their inner voice, and trust in the universe's guiding force. By honouring their bodies as their homes, we strive to instil a sense of self-love, confidence, and empowerment in every person who experiences our art.

Our Artistic Focus

Cliodhna Doherty's artwork is centered around the subject of figurative art that explores femininity. We are dedicated to capturing the essence of women – their strength, grace, and emotions – through a captivating blend of abstraction and realism. By drawing the female form and depicting objects that empower women, we aim to give voice to the women of Ireland and beyond.


Our Story

Cliodhna's artistic journey began at Belfast Art College, where she cultivated her love for painting and honed her skills. When the Covid Pandemic struck, she saw it as an opportunity to immerse herself in her craft and finally create the artworks she had always envisioned. Little did she know that this pivotal moment would set her on a remarkable path.

Spotted by the discerning eyes of heiress Ashley Doyle and renowned fashion designer Aoife McNamara, Cliodhna's art career took off like wildfire. Their recognition and support propelled her into the spotlight, and in the summer of 2021, "Cliodhna by Cliodhna" was born. A true visionary, Cliodhna identified a lack of representation for the female figure in Ireland and took it upon herself to fill this void. Her artistic mission now centers on creating stunning, evocative artwork that showcases the beauty and strength of Irish women.

Determined and passionate, Cliodhna took a leap of faith during the Covid 19 summer of 2020, leaving her job behind to pursue her dreams as a full-time artist. Her journey is a testament to the power of following one's heart, and her paintings tell stories of empowerment, resilience, and the rich essence of Irish culture. Step into Cliodhna's captivating world, where art breathes life into the unspoken stories of Irish women, and discover the soul-stirring beauty of her creations.

Lets Create together

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