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All paintings both acrylic & digital are original one of pieces unless stated other wise. All prints are limited editions, each print will be marked and signed. It is not possible to request an edition number. 

Both prints & originals come with authenticity certificates to further guarantee their originality and editions.

All artworks and images are the copy right of Clíodhna Doherty Art. No work may be copied, reproduced or scanned and modified. Cliodhna Doherty reserves all rights to each artwork.

Pay monthly Plans & Commissions 

All pay monthly plans will have a signed contract between Clíodhna Doherty Art, failure to make payments will lead to legal action stated within contracts. 

Commissions are to have 50% paid in full before painting is started, due to backing out of agreements. Commissions like pay monthly plans require contract signing to make sure both parties are covered with payment plans and pricing-

Lets Create together

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