The Art of Cliodhna: A blog around the artist's art, the inspiration behind her art and her art education. You'll also find useful information on how to collect Cliodhna paintings.

The Art of Cliodhna: A blog around the artist's art, the inspiration behind her art and her art education. You'll also find useful information on how to collect Cliodhna paintings. Cliodhna Doherty Art

Cliodhna is an artist who lives in Ireland and spends her days painting, creating and being inspired. Cliodhna has opened up a new chapter in the art world with her blog "The Art of Cliodhna". You can find out about her art on this website, read about her inspiration and education in the arts. In addition, there are tips for collectors or anyone interested in collecting art from artists like Cliodhna.

Hi! My name is Cliodhna and I'm an artist!

I was introduced to art at a very young age by my parents, who are both artists themselves. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I started drawing on just about anything that was in front of me: walls, paper towels, my own body... you name it. When I was old enough to begin school, they enrolled me in art classes where I learned how to paint and work with different mediums such as charcoal and acrylics. In school, we had the opportunity to take fine arts electives which allowed us to explore other areas such as sculpture or photography; these classes have been invaluable when creating original works of art today!

I use organic materials.
It is a common misconception that the term “organic” only refers to food products. The word itself actually means “originating in or produced by nature” and can be applied to anything that is not synthetic, artificial or made in a laboratory. Organic materials are grown rather than manufactured and therefore have a higher natural content. This means they last longer, are better for the environment and healthier for you!

It also means there is less waste during production because there is no need for harmful additives such as dyes or paints – just like what I use in my paintings! Organic materials also have unique properties which result from their natural origins such as reflective qualities (pearl) or healing properties (carnelian). All my paintings are used creating organic cotton or linen canvas & vegan paint!

The Female Form
The female form is a common subject of art, especially in Western culture. The female body has been used as a powerful symbol for millennia, and has conveyed many different ideas depending on the artist and his/her intent. It can be used to communicate strength, beauty or even emotion. There are so many ways that the human body can be portrayed in an artistic setting; it’s no wonder why artists have always been fascinated with it!

Acrylic?! But why?
Acrylic is a synthetic polymer paint and the most common type of paint used in watercolor painting. Acrylics are water-based and can be cleaned with water. The drying time for acrylics is much faster than oil paints, which makes for a more efficient process that allows you to work faster and produce more finished pieces per hour than if you were using oils or other mediums. You can also buy cheap acrylic paint in small tubes compared to expensive oils!

Acrylic can be used on many different surfaces including paper, canvas, wood or metal (among others).

Where to find me.
You can find me online at and on social media @cliodhna_bycliodhna. I also love to meet my collectors and fans in person, so please feel free to contact me if you would like to arrange an appointment.
Art can be accessible and you can get involved in collecting it!
You don't need to be an expert to collect art. You can start with a small piece of art and build from there. It's also a fun hobby that will teach you about artists and their work. Art can be accessible for everyone!

Art is an accessible way to express yourself and your emotions and I hope my blog has helped you to understand that. Also, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.


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