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Art Work made Especially for you

Wanting to order a personalised painting by Cliodhna? Here is what one can expect, ordering a piece has a standard size of A3 (8.3 x 11inches), you can also request a larger size. The process is very simple & easy to do! You & Cliodhna can discuss over couple emails what you’re envisioning, you can explain to her all the little details that you’d like to see in the painting, send moodboards/inspiration photos. Cliodhna will tell you what she’s imagining for the concept and depending if you like it or not she will proceed and takes inspiration from all you’ve given her and creates a unique piece for you.

Expect it to take a month to create (also depending on size can take longer/shorter). Shipping then takes 1-2 weeks, depending in which country you are located, she ships internationally and already has pieces in New York, Australia, Canada and New Zeland. Once finished the piece Cliodhna will send you images of the final piece and proceed to shipping & tracking number. Large paintings will be posted unstretched unless client has requested otherwise.

Cliodhna will update you throughout the process, and you can at anytime email her if you have any concerns or questions. 

Your bespoke commissioned painting will come with authenticity certificates creating a unique experience, leaving you with an everlasting artwork, a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

If you are interested in a bespoke commissioned painting please email Cliodhna or fill out the form below -

Note- payments can be done in instalments - or in full. 


Lets Create together

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