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Transform Your Space with Luxury Pieces - Exclusive Studio Sale Event! COMING 26th JULY


How long does it take for pieces to arrive?
For prints & originals posted within Northern Ireland & The UK please allow up to 10 working days. 
For prints & originals posted to the Republic of Ireland & Europe please allow up to 14 days. 
Some prints are printed to order, please be aware of this as delivery times can be longer. 

Why is registered/tracked post the only option?
All pieces both original and prints are limited editions, it is important that there is a signature upon arrival to ensure the safety of each piece. 

Can I select my edition number when ordering prints?
Unfortunately, you can not select your edition number when ordering prints. These go with number in which you purchased. 

Do both originals & prints come with authenticity certificates?
Yes both original & prints come with authenticity signed by me. Prints state the edition number to ensure their authenticity. 

I want an original but it is out of my pay grade?
I offer a 3 month payment plan through Klarna. If 3 months is too short, I will do my best to accommodate and find a monthly plan that suits both of us. Contracts are to be signed upon pay monthly agreement.

How does my pieces arrive?
Both prints and originals arrived in personalised C.Ní.D packaging. Larger canvas pieces are wrapped and boxed separately due to size. 

What does your day rate for commissions involve?
My day rate for commissions takes into account initial studies, research, paint, packaging, canvas and of course my time. 

Why do I need to pay 50% up front for my commission? 
The reason I ask for 50% up front is to cover costs of materials & packaging along with adding a safety net between me and the customer. 50% deposit also means that these pieces have my undivided attention, that I am not focusing on other work at the same time. 

If I have left any questions unanswered please contact me on and I will be happy to help. 

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